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two inside safely rescued. >> sue hall has been monitoring the situation. right now that intersection between fairmont and 580 and lake chabot road they are asking to avoid that area due to live power lines down. the truck has plowed into the power lines. for now avoid this area take lake chabot road either castro valley boulevard to lake chabot road to avoid this. it is an active scene so please avoid the area. good morning. live doppler 7 hd is dry, we have moisture hanging around the ground in the form of fog around santa rosa visibility about a mile and 3/4, not dangerous right now but definitely out there, we'll keep an eye on it for you. as far as the afternoon, a lot of sunshine, a few high clouds like we had yesterday, warmest
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day in this seven day forecast cycle, coast low to mid 60s, same around the bay, low to upper 60s inland. amy hollyfield is on her way to the scene in san leandro where those power lines are down she will be giving us a report as soon as she gets there. san francisco police looking for a killer after a man and woman were discovered bound and gagged in the mid visitation valley street. now one is dead. terry mcsweeney is live. >> reporter: they were taken to san francisco general, one fighting for her life, the other did not make it. last night 900 block of brussels and san bruno avenue. police got the call 8:30 they found a man and woman in the street, bound and gagged, police are not saying if they had been beaten, shot or what the trauma was the man did die
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midnight. the woman is still fighting for her life. police say neighbors do not need to be concerned they believe this was a targeted incident. the male described only as in his 20s, no suspect and no motive. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:02. the man charged with the murder of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is scheduled to face arraignment in court this morning on additional charges that date back three years. 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may for lamar's disappearance and murder based on dna. new charges happened in march. 2009 when he was 17, attempted kidnapping and carjacking stun gun allegedly used. the d.a.'s office received clearance from juvenile court last month to file the new charges. this morning police
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confirming 8-year-old girl gunned down by her father in shooting rampage on an indian reservation in the central valley has died. deputies were called to the ly river reservation 8:00 saturday night, he killed his mother and her two brothers, wounded his 6-year-old nephew, then shot both of his young daughters. the 5-year-old will survive. deputies located him 30 miles away tracking his cell phone he was shot and killed after a slow speed car chase. in san jose last of four meetings will be held southside community center tonight on hiring of a new police chief. moore will step down. the goal of the meetings are to gain public input. residents want someone with cultural competence, honesty and strong crime fighting
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record. moore's tenure has been mired in disputes with city leaders. crab boat skippers set to meet this morning with the head of the owner's association in san francisco to consider dispute over the price that is keeping them on dry land. more than 100 boats are staying in port in san francisco, half moon bay and bodega bay. before thanksgiving the crabbers agreed to $3 a pound. last week the price was under $2 due to slow demand. last year crab fishermen were on strike for weeks. the number of nonsmoking apartment units in san francisco may rise. today a board will hear proposal that will force landlords to designate units as smoking or nonsmoking. supporters hope demand for nonsmoking units with will pressure landlords to lower
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the number of smoking units. this morning big changes to the bay bridge toll, work scheduled to begin on renovations on the new east span of the bay bridge scheduled to open next september. the project includes paving, restriping and facelift for the toll. the work is expected to take six months. workers at the port of oakland voted to ratify new four year contract cost of living raise and signing bonus. labor and management have been bargaining since last summer. the contract goes to the board of port commissioners for approval now. there are various demonstrations planned across the country today to call on congress and the white house to come up with agreement to avoid so-called fiscal cliff. nurses in 10 states, including here in the bay area are holding a candlelight vigil tonight, president obama heads
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to detroit. in washington republicans and democrats remain far from a deal. a slight ray of hope, as mr. obama and speaker boehner met face-to-face. in washington can't strike a deal by the end of the year all -- automatic spending cuts go into effect. the white house has ordered military to plan on slashing 500 billion from its budget over the next 10 years. federal funding for schools will be cut 8.2% some ideas include eliminating tax deduction for charitable contributions. no longer allowing homeowners who write-off mortgage payments. time for a check on the weather.
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68 in santa rosa, going to be well above average by four to eight degrees. good morning. fairfield six mile visibility, santa rosa 1 and 3/4 everybody else unlimited. land breeze keeping clouds out over the coast. coolest inland where we have the 40s, except napa 51 around the bay and coast in the 50s. 7:00 temperatures mid 50s inland i should say mid 40s inland mid 50s bay and coast sunny near 60 lunchtime, great time to be outside warm air mass will jump up to 60° by 4:00 low to mid 50s by 7:00. cooling tomorrow as sea breeze kicks in, tuesday night into wednesday morning, chance of
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steady rain once we get on the back side of the system pulling cold air almost from the north pole, mid 50s. live shot of san jose highway 87 past hp pavilion julian exit a few headlights northbound, light, nice morning to be driving northbound on 87, westbound 80 east shore freeway past golden gate fields, university avenue into emeryville and into the macarthur maze light now you can see no problems once you get into the bay bridge toll, new reports of a stall past the metering lights on the right on the incline section. power lines down fairmont between 580 and lake chabot road in san leandro, take lake chabot castro valley to avoid that. amy hollyfield is on the way to give us a live update. out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass
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looking good, everything is at the limit, no issues, look at some of your drive times 580, highway 4 and highway 80 still a good looking drive at this hour. next, the attack that has knocked a small bay area radio station off the air. john mcafee -- what john mcafee says he wants most now. consumer spending this summer wasn't as good as first thought, signs we are still being careful with our money figures out thursday are expected to show modest increase in retail sales last month. three u.s. cities with lowest unemployment, all in north dakota, bismarck in october 2.2%, fargo second, 2.8%, grand forks 3.1. skyfall back to number one, pulling in 11 million dollars from a sluggish weekend.
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5:13. live look from roof camera outside you can see the ferry building top left a sliver of moon, mike is telling us warm
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for this time of year. forecast coming up. community-based radio station hopes to get back on the air after it was targeted by vandals. they provided these images showing what vandals did. the general manager discovered the damage yesterday. [ unintelligible ] it is not the first time someone has targeted the situation. >> three times in this summer over the summer and now the fall, definitely something they are trying to target us. >> last year someone spray painted raciest words on the studios in vallejo. the station called itself the voice of vallejo and markets heavily to the bay area's african-american community. john mcafee says he wants to come back to the u.s. and settle didn't he answered with what he claims were reporters questions yesterday from the
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guatemalan detention center where he's fighting extradition to belize. he wanted for questioning in the murder of a neighbor of his there. the software giant founder denies having anything to do with the death. mcafee says he wants to live comfortably, day-by-day, fish, swim, enjoy my declining . companies expected to ship a record number this season fedex expected today will be the busiest day in company history. fedex expects to move 19 million packages today, more than double the typical day. >> the company expected to deliver 280 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas, 13% more than last year. december 22nd is the last day to send packages in time for guaranteed christmas delivery. organizers calling this year's operation dream toy collection at candlestick park a huge success. 9ers fans were asked to make a difference for children during
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yesterday's game. this is the 19th straight year for operation dream. the 9ers and san francisco police are partners in the event which is the first of several in the coming days. >> several events in the next couple of weeks around christmas to not only provide toys but to provide christmas parties and opportunities for the kids to interact with community people, police officers. >> last year operation dream collected more than 20,000 toys and they are hoping to top that. this wednesday we are asking you to help make this season brighter. we are kicking off the abc7 share your holiday food drive, all day wednesday meet the news team as we broadcast live from around the bay area taking donations for food banks. for ways you can help go to many of us will be out there
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cheryl and i will be in san francisco at union square all morning. the weather hopefully -- >> i was going to say rain or shine. >> nothing is going to dammen -- dampen our spirits maybe our hair. >> i'll be at walnut creek it will be dry there. a little drier faster wednesday still looking like tuesday night into wednesday a chance of wet weather. 5:17 from vollmer peak towards san francisco, it looks clear right now. live doppler 7 hd radar and satellite, we don't have radar returns and we don't have clouds, definitely gives you an idea now dry the air mass is sitting on top of us this among. we are 41 in santa rosa and fairfield mid to upper 40s livermore concord, antioch, napa, 60 oakland for the warm spot, 53 san francisco, 57
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half moon bay, low to upper 40s monterey bay and inland gilroy 41. sunny today, warmest afternoon this week. light rain tuesday into wednesday, back side of that system cooler, 50s for highs wednesday through the weekend. mid 60s south bay today san jose and los gatos 66. mid 60s peninsula. half moon bay 65°, 63 daly city downtown and south san francisco north bay beaches low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s valleys, 68 santa rosa. 62 richmond, warm up to 66 oakland. east bay valleys from 60 brentwood to 66 in danville around the monterey bay mid to upper 60s same inland. tonight a few 30s inland everybody in the 40s, significantly cooler tomorrow morning. couple areas of high pressure
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dominating eastern pacific and western part of the united states, with that offshore flow, temperatures above average today. as we look up to the north this is where our next system is in the gulf of alaska bringing cooler weather vigorous jet stream that's why the sis -- the system is speeding up. the storm is coming in three hours faster through midnight wednesday, the rain there, 2:00 heavier in south bay, noon the rain is gone and just a few showers possible wednesday afternoon. quarter to half inch outside south bay. 50s but dry thursday through sunday. cantilever section of the bay bridge this morning, a van
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center lane, still light behind the toll no metering lights expect minor delays once you reach the incline section stall blocking center lane. golden gate bridge fog-free, commute direction with four lanes southbound out of waldo tunnel, no delays. new accident south 880 at fremont boulevard south, off the roadway, a car into a pole, you will not find too much slowing. back to san leandro, fairmont between 580 and lake chabot avoid that area, truck has run into live power lines, take lake chabot exit castro valley boulevard avoid fair money drive area, if you can. -- fairmont drive area, if you can. friends say the health of nelson mandela is beginning to fail. he was admitted to a hospital in south africa saturday for unspecified reasons. government officials have said
5:20 am
the 94-year-old icon is comfortable and undergoing tests. mandela spent 27 years in prison for fighting racist white rule. he became south africa's first black president in 1994 and served one five year turn he has since retired from public life. illness forcing secretary of state clinton she is fighting a symptom virus. her trip will involve -- a symptom virus. her trip will involve -- new government report says there are fewer homeless vets in u.s. according to house and urban development, percentage of homeless veterans dropped by 7% in 2011. hud says the number of available beds in shelters and long term housing have increased over the past five years.
5:21 am
helping the numbers go down advocates welcome the new figures but there's still a long way to go. coming up, the gift a lot of drivers across the country are getting at the pumps. meet the bear cubs that are quickly becoming a hit on the internet. how you can get in on their antics, live.
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good morning. 5:24. look from mount sutro toward san francisco, it is clear, warm temperatures today. >> we enjoyed them yesterday, took the kids out for a seven mile bike ride, so lovely. >> really? >> i know, mom was not going to take no for an answer. you know how that goes. let's hope for more of that kind of weather today. >> mike? >> warm weather once again, low 60s around antioch to the mid and upper 60s for rest of us san jose 66, 64 san mateo and fremont, 66 oakland, san rafael and napa 67°. around the state all quiet on doppler. high pressure dominating the state, low to mid 60s eureka,
5:25 am
chico, sacramento, fresno, upper 60s to low 70s san diego, los angeles, palm springs. live shot of 80 berkeley as you make your way towards macarthur maze bunching up at the golden gate fields, where 580 and 80 merge, major headlights then things even out as you make your way westbound towards the maze on to various points. otherwise, no problems there. southbound 101 through marin past lucas valley road into central san rafael southern marin we have roadwork northbound direction between sausalito through mill valley and cortamadera into 6:00. 5:26. gas prices are dropping in time for the holidays national average $3.35, down five cents over the week in california $3.63, down seven cents from a
5:26 am
week ago bay area average $3.71. end of the year means release of annual lists one of the first, yale's list of the most memorable quotes. mitt romney's comments about 47% selected as the year's best followed by his binders full of women comment. president obama made the list for his you didn't build that quote about how people who built businesses had help from others. wildlife cameras showcasing progress of rescued animals drawing a lot of viewers. the webcam is not on now half hour from now, cameras turn on you can see adorable fury animals. they feature bear cubs, bobcats and other wild animals, go to and click on see it on tv. we are following --
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breaking news in the east bay, dangerous situation firefighters are facing. man goes missing while doing restoration work on a ♪me and you - a little rendezvous.♪ ♪that special something that will carry you through...♪
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♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ luscious, creamy filling - combined with our slow melting chocolate - oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin
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[ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. breaking news in the east bay firefighters have just put out a fire that engulfed a big rig. amy hollyfield is live at the scene in san leandro. >> reporter: the fire is out, take a look what the is left of this truck, hardly anything. they a scare. this truck was on fire and tangled up in energized power lines, intense hour and a
5:30 am
half. this laundry truck was making a delivery to camp sweeney the juvenile detention here in was 3:30 in the morning it became tangled up in power lines the driver is a volunteer firefighter he knew that he and his passenger were in danger and needed to jump safely out of the truck they had to jump clear of the truck that the truck could be activated he didn't want to give the power a path through his body to the ground. they safely jumped out, they were not electrocuted. firefighters had to let it burn to wait for pg&e to get here and deenergized lines. they protected the buildings but had to let the truck burn. the staff here at camp sweeney decided to -- [ inaudible ] that was amy hollyfield reporting, as you can see the fire is out, the lines deactivated. now finding out what happened is the next course of action. also the traffic impact
5:31 am
something sue has been reporting on.
5:32 am
temperatures all over the scale, thankfully, the fog is lifting santa rosa up to five, same with fairfield, the rest of us unlimited. 40s and 50s, 60 in oakland by this -- afternoon -- bay low to upper 60s inland. san francisco police need help solving vicious crime discovered last night when a man and woman were found in the middle of the street, bound, gagged and unconscious in the bay view district 8:30 last. the man died. the woman is fighting for her life. police went door-to-door on brussels street hoping somebody saw something. terry mcsweeney will bring the latest coming up. it turns out a 14-year-old boy found stabbed in the south bay over the weekend was not attacked at the christmas in the park celebration.
5:33 am
the event drews nearly half a million each year and -- draws nearly half a mile beyond each year and has rarely seen violent crime. the apparent gang-relate attack happened closer to the center for performing arts. festival officials say there is no need to beef up security at the event. sheriff and die team hope to resume searching -- and dive team hope to resume searching for -- the re-- [ unintelligible ] the last thing to do is go back aboard the tug, close the door and lock up and come back aboard the ship and hit the power switch and then he would be on his way.
5:34 am
we would like to know what did happen. >> vallejo police say that i found no signs of foul play and mattingly has not shown up at any hospitals. divers had to call off yesterday's search. this morning, judge is expected to sentence the union city woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle le. ess sill esteban to spend minimum 25 -- giselle wes ban to spend minimum 25ers. new morning, australian radio show at the center of the royal call scandal has been cancelled many the deejays are now speaking out since the nurse who answered that call, took her own life. >> reporter: lots of news. station management says the two australian deejays will not return to the airwaves
5:35 am
until further notice. the company suspended all prank calls, pulled advertising and ordered policy review. one day before the deejays lost their jobs they gave their first interview saying they are shattered over the turn of events in the wake of their hoax call. they impersonated the queen and prince charles and receive confidential details from nurse jacintha saldanha. the 46-year-old nurse was found dead three days later. the deejays apologizing saying it is gut-wrenching to think they may have played a part in her death. >> we are still trying to get our heads around everything, trying to make sense of the situation. >> it was never meant to go that far. i was meant to be a silly little prank that so many -- it was meant to be a silly little prank that so many have done before. this wasn't meant to happen. >> reporter: new news regarding the duchess' health,
5:36 am
her health took a turn for the worse after a weekend at kensington palace. while her condition is not serious enough for doctors to consider sending her back to the hospital women with acute morning sickness can experience symptoms for months and may need repeated hospital admissions. kira klapper, abc7 news. this morning the brother of mexican-american superstar jenni rivera is confirming she is among the seven killed if a plane crash no one survive in the mountains of northern mexico yesterday. the singer born in southern california best known for her -- >> is up a big shock to the family, -- it is such a big shock to the family. most of you who know my sister know she was a very strong person she fight for everything in life, great
5:37 am
person. >> there are reports had mechanical problems in the past. she was considered a role model to women, young people and members of the gay community. in the past year she had been working to break into the united states market. mexico's version of people magazine named her one of that nation's most powerful women. the heaviest snow storm to hit in past two winters is expected to ease up some today travel still difficult. central and southern minnesota experienced heavy snow accumulations overnight, more than 2300 -- more than 300 crashes statewide. delays at the airport, and there will be much more coverage on the midwest blizzard at 7:00 on "good morning america." vikings game, green bay game they are used to that. >> i wonder if mike is still used to that.
5:38 am
how are you feeling about coming here? >> great. if i may quote tony the tiger, i feel great. happy to be]0÷ñ in our warm weather here, nice we can troll a couple hours and see snow, snow probably in lake county tuesday into wednesday that's how cold it is, until we get to that, mild right now oakland 60°, most of the bay in the low to mid 50s mountain view 51, 53 san francisco, valleys, south bay, san jose 47, concord, antioch, livermore, mid to upper 40s. upper 40s san rafael and napa, 57 at half moon bay when you know you an offshore or land breeze. mid 40s through 7:00 inland, mid to upper 50s the rest of us, noon great time to be out, high clouds, sunshine, temperatures 60°, hang out in
5:39 am
the mid 60s through 4:00, cool again, you will need a coat towards the evening hours at 7:00, low to mid 50s. tomorrow cooler because of the sea breeze, rain tuesday night into wednesday morning, highs only in the 50s. live to the bay bridge toll, a couple of earlier stall on the incline in the cantilever section those are gone, traffic is light behind the tolls, no delays, no metering lights yet. 80 westbound coming off of the bay bridge on the san francisco side, stall blocking near the 9th street exit blocking a lane there. out of antioch, towards pittsburg westbound of highway 4 slowing towards hillcrest to 242 at this hour typical. bunching up out of tracy and 205 up and over the altamont pass towards the dublin pleasanton interchange, 20 minute drive. 5:40. what is in a time?
5:40 am
to one east bay community, a lot. next, the neighborhood fighting to keep things the way they are. big deadline facebook users face today and what they can lose if they
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. welcome back. funeral services will be held today to for the second of two teenaged girls murdered in oakland. 16-year-old bobby sar teen and raquel gerstel were killed. gerstel's family held a viewing yesterday and will bury her today many police are still investigating no word on possible suspects. daring rescue of american doctor held hostage by taliban in afghanistan turns to mourning the death of one of his rescuers. a member of seal team 6 brazen night mission raiding a taliban camp saturday night to rescue the doctor. he was taken hostage while working for a charity. the special forces took fire, killing several taliban, at least one u.s. service member was injured in the raid and later died from his wounds. look for more on the story
5:44 am
from martha raddatz on "good morning america" at 7:00. today final day forbidders interested in taking over what is left of hostess to step forward. so far 160 companies have expressed interest, including wonder bread and twinkies after the company closed last month. hit facilities across the country, including oakland. this morning reporting hostess used employee pension wages to stay afloat not clear how much money was taken. if you are traveling by air, get ready for onboard humor. >> here's jane king. good morning. how much have you spent shopping online? online holiday spending in the u.s. 26.6 billion dollars so far this year, 13% more than this time last year. it is not over yet, today is expected to be a huge day for online retailers. elves at fedex getting ready
5:45 am
for the busiest day of year, 19 million packages today. good news for drivers, average price for a gallon of regular nationwide $3.34 down five cents compared to left week, down 11 cents from a month ago. get ready for onboard humor delta unveiling safety videos including a row about the passengers, designed to re-- a robot, designed to capture attention after years of boring safety videos. 5:46. hard to believe how high temperatures will get today. >> a few degrees over record in maybe concord, possibly richmond and oakland everywhere else santa rosa 80 record high today out of reach, 68, still warm. that's this afternoon, right
5:46 am
now clear conditions, light breeze from land to ocean beautiful picture of emeryville in the foreground, bay bridge reflection on the water how calm it is, to san francisco. -- radar and satellite, put 'em both on here, live doppler 7 hd, showing how dry it is and the radar can't pick up returns, there's no clouds to drop rain you don't see clouds until the left side of the screen they are well out over the ocean thanks to that land breeze. 60 oakland for the warm spot, 41 fairfield and santa rosa, inland valleys into the santa clara valleys 40s. lower to upper 40s from gilroy to salinas and monterey watsonville and santa cruz in the middle 40s. sunny and warmest afternoon this week if you like with yesterday you will really like this afternoon. light rain possible tuesday night through wednesday morning, much cooler as the
5:47 am
storm is coming from alaska, will bring us into the 50s for highs wednesday through the weekend. temperatures today from four to eight degrees above average. sunrise 7:15, will set 4:51. 68 santa rosa, one of the cool spots, cooler towards antioch and brentwood, low 60s there mid 60s bay shore even to half moon bay 65 mid to upper 60s monterey bay also inland cooler tonight as high pressure starts to move away, 30s, 40s inland, 40s bay shore, 43 santa rosa, 46 oakland, 49 san francisco for the warm spot, two areas of high pressure dominating now, bringing us that land breeze and pushing all the cooler weather and clouds away from us. up to the north you can see this system the one that going to grab cooler air also going to have limited amounts of moisture healthy storm nothing
5:48 am
like we've dealt with earlier. 7:00 in the north bay, 10:00 healthy in the north bay, moving through the heart of the bay midnight into the south bay 2:00, lingering light rain during the morning commute, by noon just scattered showers. quarter to half inch out of that, except for south bay, 10th to 2/10 of an inch 50s with dry weather thursday through sunday. have a great day. san jose live 87, north headlights past hp ville on the left, julian exit -- traffic moving at the limit, no problems northbound through san jose same with south 101, marin ymca to the right, camera taking a -- traffic moving nicely into central san rafael, roadwork northbound until 6:00 this morning to cortamadera.
5:49 am
80 westbound off of the bay bridge stall blocking right lane at 9th, earlier stall incline portion of the bay bridge still there, south 880 at fremont boulevard south car still on the shoulder with tow truck on scene. 5:49. old neighborhood in north oakland undergoing a name change, one realtors have come up with, the longtime residents don't find attractive. agents and brokers are selling the neighborhood as nobe, north oakland berkeley emeryville some say it is a plan to sanitize an area of oakland to boost home prices antigen few the area. >> long -- and gentrify the area. >> being swallowed up by real estate agents. >> thought of it as a creation of a district or giving it a -- an identity. the area has been known for years as the golden gate district or just north oakland.
5:50 am
backlash this morning over the university of california's new logo, have you seen it yet? on the right, the old one is on the left, some students and alumni have start add online petition on facebook -- started an online petition on facebook saying the old look is more elegant. the -- the school says it wanted something more user-friendly. >> do you have an opinion about in? >> a strong one. >> [ talking over each other ] coming up, starbucks gold, actually it is silver and you won't believe how much the new starbucks card is going for. >> it is as good as gold. it is being called the pacemaker for the brain.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. time is running out for facebook users who want to weigh in on changes. so far more than 619,000 users have weighed in on whether they want their data intermingled with instagram which facebook acquired this year. 87% oppose the move.
5:54 am
unless 299 million more users vote by today, the change will take effect, voting continues until noon. new starbucks card is hot, $450 now going for more than a grand on ebay. the limited edition card comes preloaded with $400 for use in starbucks stores. >> instead of buying that card for me, you could get a cappuccino maker, high end one. >> i haven't thought about that. i had thought about the weather. thanks, good morning. high temperatures 63 san francisco today, 67 san rafael napa 62 in oakland 65 in morgan hill and palo alto 66 san jose 65 livermore dry across the entire state doppler showing how dry and sunny, low to 50s tahoe and yosemite low to mid 60s san diego 68 near 70 palm springs and l.a..
5:55 am
coming off the bay bridge westbound stall near 9th, blocking rate lane in san francisco, southbound 880 -- fremont boulevard south tow truck going to a scene with overturned car in ditch. no slowing, once that tow truck gets there, i'm sure there will be a lane blocked. this is san jose fire department saying there is an accident blocking eastbound direction ofs who set ter in san jose. -- ofs who set ter in san jose. same-sex couples poured into courthouses across washington state to say i doed is. sarah and emily became the first same-sex couple to marry in king county one minute past midnight. couples started getting licenses thursday. washington law requires all couples to wait three days to exchange vows after getting a license. voters approved the law last month. scientists created a pacemaker for the brain that could help in the fight
5:56 am
against alzheimer's. the device stimulates the brain electronic pulses to keep neurons active does not use drugs the procedure can slow memory loss and dementia. researchers at johns hopkins have begun the process on their first patient. they hope to try it out on 40 patients over the next year. the need for an alzheimer's treatment is growing, scientists believe the number could triple by 2050. new video showing explosive situation in the east bay. two caught inside a burning big rig. what made the situation more dangerous? live update. kid-friendly tablets. michael finney and consumer reports -- [ unintelligible ]
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
overnight downed power lines spark big rig fire. it creates a dangerous situation in the east bay we are live on the scene -- [ inaudible ] good morning 6 a.m. thanks for joining us i'm eric top mass. and i'm kristen sze. we don't have the storm but you -- won't believe those temperatures we'll see today. [ inaudible ] first above average temperatures what we'll have now when you step out especially around the bay, 50s and near 60 oakland,0s

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